A possible story

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Photographs and text on wall, changeable size, 2007.

With Paolo Pennuti (SHOGGOTH).


This “possible story” is an experiment to  trace a narration without exploiting the cinematic techniques. In this case two layers of images refer to a series of short texts without following a linear structure, still with the capability of create a coherent whole. The photos are linked to two different travellers: the first one is an ukrainian engineer called Bogdan that travels Sri Lanka and Bangladesh during his stay working for a russian company. He was then poisoned and died in mysterious circunstances right after those images were taken. The other traveller is Shoggoth that thanks to his bipolar status was able to travel east Europe to search for the Bogdan’s truth and China to  overcome his nightmares. The texts refer to a dialogue between the two shoggoth’s personality trying hardly to find possible connections. Once more the mourning is the common path.


View from the exibition: Invisible miracles, in Via Farini, Milan
View of the exibition: Invisible miracles, at Via Farini, Milan


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