Roads ending

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Roads end

Single Channel HD film / on development / sound by Clay Ruby/Burial Hex / 2012

“La dissociazione è ordine. L’ossessione dell’identità e la sua frantumazione è disordine. Il motivo della dissociazione altro dunque non è che la regola narrativa che assicura limitatezza e leggibilità a questo poema; il quale, a causa dell’altro motivo, più vero, dell’ossessione dell’identità e della sua frantumazione, sarebbe per sua natura illimitato e illeggibile.” Pier Paolo Pasolini

“The dissociation is order. The obsession of identity and its fragmentation is disorder. The reason for the dissociation is nothing more than the narrative rule that ensure narrowness and legibility to this poem; wich would be, because of its nature, limitless and unreadable due to the other true cause: The obsession of identity and its fragmentation.” Pier Paolo Pasolini

“Roads end” is a film shot entirely in Canada. Several characters walk their own path starting from a southern point (were most of developed Canada is settled) towards the north, were the road ends and the wildness begins. Each character is an embodiment of a different personality and behavior that emerges in a person due to external factors. The nomad wanderer is broken into small particles, characterized by opposite approaches to life and adventure. The film shifts constantly between those identities; from wickedness to kindness, from femininity to masculinity, from fear to bravery. What looks like a collective effort is, in fact, a singular, individual attempt to adapt effectively to a changing environment.