SHOGGOTH (Paolo Pennuti, Daniele Pezzi) was born in Venezia in 2003.


Shoggoth’s artworks born from the research and exploration of a specific environment or of fragment of different places that are united in the rapresentation space. The video images, the acoustic elements, the narrative concepts, the poethic choices, the individual and collective problems, are defined by the Shoggoth’s reconstruction of the found places. Shoggoth is involved in a fight with cinema as a system of defined rules. Shoggoth always try to capture the unseen or the unheard or the combination of both.Since the beginning Shoggoth follow the idea to translate the space-time structure through the collection and the production of objects and project diagrams.The aim is to escape, with the help of not-electrical materials, the arbritrary time-line of the tale. Shoggoth was programmatically open to differents collaborative forms.

Shoggoth has collaborated with:

Mirko Fabbri, Luca Gambi, Marco Parollo, Monica Petracci, Lorenzo Pazzi.


Paolo Pennuti was born in Forlì in 1974. Lives between Forlì, Roma, and Venezia.

Degree in phlosophy, Bologna university, 2001

Degree in planning and production of visual arts, IUAV, Venezia, 2007


Daniele Pezzi was born in Ravenna in 1977. Lives in Ravenna

Degree in Architecture, IUAV, Venezia, 2005