Video, 12m32s, 2004

Written, Directed and edited by SHOGGOTH (Paolo Pennuti, Daniele Pezzi)

A car franticly and repeatdly circumscribes the Ravennaʼs industrial area. A sick worker tells his working experience in the ENI plants from 1962 to 1991. In his history, the hazards to wich he was exposed and the discovery of his own illness in itʼs progressive display of the symptons. A choir of voices, that talks about the same place from different points of view, is interposed in the deconstructed narration of the worker. The running car picks up this voices, the soundtrack put in relation these points of view creating a new narration.

Prize PROGETTO VIDEO, Pesaro film fest 2004


Audio sources: Il caso Mattei (F.Rosi), il deserto rosso (M.Antonioni), il gigante di Ravenna, the worker, the ecologist, the journalist, the actor, the politician, the manager, the priest, the university researcher.