BluRay Disc / 05’00” / with sound / 2012

The video is the result of a series of stratifications: the first level is the film of a 1993’s American talkshow filmed again withan HD camera while appearing on a screen. The editing determined a deconstruction of the conventional television script. The framings are replaced with details and some of the guests disappear keeping their part in the debate, some words are disguised through sound manipolations. This new layer has been shown again on the screen and filmed to reveal the context around the televiosion itself.

The mysterious guest’s words recall his struggle as an individual that react to restrictions of freedom and to subliminal control . The fear and mistrust that information managemet generates in spectators make acceptable worryingly restrictions of indidual liberties. The morality concept itself is constantly rewritten in compliance with opportunists. “Existenzminimum” is the mirror of this reality, where a dazed public is clapping hands on demand, while assisting the conflicts between guests and v.i.p.’s.