History of humans and their space

History of humans and their space (cu abbita abbita e cu nun abbita mori)

Balck ink onpaper and contact paper / changable size / 2013-on going

A collection of drawings on contact paper that tries to display the evolution of the human space throughout history.  From caves to tents. From huts to roman domus. From the middleage dwellings to baroque villas. From architects to archistars.


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A research that aim to demonstrate that today’s architecture trends (deconstructionism, fluidism, weird rationalism) drift towards the style of the first human settlements. When the first man was living and adapting inside nature.

The use of contact paper refers to the classical architectural drawings.

The drawings are supposed to be showned in groups as an installation, mixing-up with materials connected to the building industry such as glass, wood, aluminium, concrete etc.


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