Color, 6:40 min., 1 channel with sound, 2005.

With Paolo Pennuti & Mirko Fabbri (SHOGGOTH).


Homey is an incomplete collection of clues, in which every element is uncertain such as the protagonist’s desires. A man that react to the failure of 1968 collective ideology through a private bourgeois utopia: building an house on a hill Those desires of escape from both history and society don’t run out in disenchantment but they find in it, an extreme raison d’être. The structural incoherence of the pictures, of the narration and the narrative distortion lead to the amplification of fragments, to the representation of failure. The making up of the pictures and the editing are used to represent a collective mourning, the loss of an idea, the failure of a faith as it is evident in what the protagonist says, “i was waiting for the revolution”. But that revolution has generated a war that is still fought. The country house, symbol of the middle class needs, seems to be a good compromise but the house itself is not able “to contain” the fragmented identity of its owner.