Sweat lodge

One-channel HD video-installation

Lenght: 13’40”

Sound: MUVIC e Matteo Allodoli /



TUTULMA still da video1

TUTULMA still da video


A tent is staning in-between the remains of an abandoned place. The temporary dwelling of a timeless voyage.

The indefinite dimension of a cosmos that keeps itself.

Where everything happens in the inside, without unity of lenght.

The entrance of the artist, wayfarer again, it’s a push to disarm.

There’s no military order in this camp.

The male universe strip it’s clothes.

Smoke and steam surround the masculine bodies with no ardour.

The sauna is the moment of an original “behind the curtains” representation.

The regeneration of masculine through the holding together.

The faces, covered with barks are secret beauty masks.

Characters of a pervading ritual designed to outflow

The tent opens and the disguised artist go off stage.

The boundaries dissolve and the smoke expand in a thick nebula.

The title appears to announce a disappearing.

It’s the effect of a new removal, the prelude of a relocating.

Francesco Ragazzi and Francesco Urbano (Associazione E)



TUTULMA still da video2

TUTULMA still da video

TUTULMA still da video3

TUTULMA still da video

TUTULMA still da video4

TUTULMA still da video