The Limb

Book / 152 pages / Edition of 50

in collaboration with Dona Ferentes/Guaccio/Michele Mazzani

Photos by Daniele Pezzi and Michele Mazzani

Text by Daniele Pezzi, Michele Mazzani, and many others writers and scholars.

Language: italian, french, english

Cavelonte Edizioni:


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The Limb was a blog we kept since 2008. Nobody was really visiting it (as many other blog out there) and it was our personal place. We were posting photographs and text. We were talking about (or we better say quoting) philosophy, politics, psycology, art, and the end of the world. On January we closed the blog and we made a book out of it, keeping its original cronology-based structure and expanding with more symbolic texts and left-overs of photos.The Limb was an extension of our mind, of our way of thinking, of our fear.All of this will last in paper.

The start of this book was the end of another: This novel is now pointless to my life (as the novels and poems written while young used to be), it isn’t a proclamation, Ehi, Men! I exist, but the preface of a testament, the evidence of that little knowledge that a man gathered, and it’s completely different to what he expected it to be!


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